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American and International Schools in the UK


There are international Schools right across the UK. These schools follow the curriculum for the respective countries.

You do not have to be from that country to attend the schools, but priority is given.

American Schools in the UK for example. Anyone can join, but at the same time being American doesn’t guarantee acceptance. Similarly, not being American doesn’t mean automatic refusal for entry.

There are a number of American Schools in the UK.

The American School London (ASL), which is situated on Waverley Place in London, is an independent school and requires a yearly fee for attendance. The American School London caters from ages from Kindergarten right through High School.

The international school covers the same curriculum as the US and has an Ofsted rating of “Requires Improvement”. The school was previously rated as “Outstanding” and was dropped down two ranks despite meeting 96% of the Independent School standards..


Other International Schools UK

Whilst the ASL is one of the leading independent schools in London, it isn’t the only independent international school.

Just outside London in Thorpe. you also have TASIS England, formally known as The American School in England, which is an American international boarding and day school. With the ASL, there are fees for attendance and they differ between boarding fees and day attendance fees.

There are also the ACS International Schools. The ACS has three schools in the Greater London area and another in Doha in Qatar. In Greater London, the schools are based in Cobham in Surrey, Egham also in Surrey and Hillingdon in London. As with all independent schools, the ACS also comes with a fee. Similar to TASIS England, the fee is split into boarding and day fees.

There are many international schools across the UK including German UK schools, Malaysian UK schools and also French UK schools.


Independent School Fees

Independent school fees range quite considerably. This difference could be between boarding and day attendance. Fees can range from around £10 thousand a year and rise to over £42 thousand a year. In some cases, the fees can be paid per semester (term).

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