Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Mother’s Day in the UK is on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which usually means it lands sometime in March. Mother’s Day is not a bank holiday, but it is still celebrated by a vast Majority.

202319 MarchSundayMother’s Day
202410 MarchSundayMother’s Day
202530 MarchSundayMother’s Day
202615 MarchSundayMother’s Day

Mother’s Day is is celebrated in many countries across the world and each share similar traditions. Also knows by it’s religious name Mothering Sunday, it’s a time for honouring your mother. If you were baptised, you would traditionally visit the church you were baptised in to observe this day.

Now a more commercialised day, unfortunately it’s lost a lot of what it stands for however, it is still a day where families come together. Children would normally present their mother with gifts in a way to say thanks, but we all know no amount of gifts could ever be enough to say what we really want or need to say.

Mother’s Day Previous Years

202227 MarchSundayMother’s Day
202114 MarchSundayMother’s Day
202022 MarchSundayMother’s Day
201931 MarchSundayMother’s Day
201811 MarchSundayMother’s Day

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